We offer some samples in digital form, which show parts of our work.
Within our project works we have developed standardization of towers 2 x 110 kV, which meet conditions of contemporary specification.

They are up to standard in practical common utilization, also in extreme conditions.

These towers were used in Czech Republic: OHTL Boskovice - Velké Opatovice and  OHTL Velké Opatovice - Konice.
Increasing of utilization computers in constructional design of towers eventuated to 3D proof of assembling towers (virtual proof assembling) and then 3D presentation of towers and also insulator strings.
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Conductors' fixation on towers is provided by standard form - insulator strings.

In our local area we usually use fittings mainly of our domestic production, but we are able to use fittings for insulator strings from reputable world's producers.
rendrovaný obrázok

Project can be delivered also in digital form on CD. Example of this can be project of "OHTL 400 kV Križovany - Sokolnice".

In this case the photos from the inspection of OHTL were digitally processed and delivered on CD, which offer interactive ability of viewing particular documents.

In base of the inspection of OHTL were designed solutions to removal of particular defects on the towers and foundations.
We can do such difficult work as designing a new line with utilization computers and CAD systems, which leads to minimize necessary time and errors.